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06/03/2024 : Getting fucked by a dominant black guy


Here's another cuckolding encounter, with a well-endowed dominant black man.
He had come to spend the weekend in Cap d'Agde and didn't intend to leave without fucking me.
Dominant, he fucked me as if I were his sex doll, then cum on my mouth and face and fucked me again 30 seconds later with a face full of cum until he cum once more.
It was very exciting, I must admit.
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05/31/24 : Fucked by my lover: Creampie in my pussy - 190 Pics

Another day and evening spent in Paris with my lover and the cuckold.
After attending a concert in the city with my 2 men, back at the apartment my lover fucked me like his whore once again, giving me magnificent orgasms and a good dose of cum in my married woman's pussy.
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05/22/2024 : Cuckolding my husband with a dominant black guy


Here's a new cuckolding encounter, torrid with a very well endowed dominant black friend.
My lover fucked all my holes once again.
He made me cum repeatedly and emptied his balls into my bitch mouth, hummm.
We also humiliated my husband for over 40 minutes, he deserves this treatment having such a small cock.
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05/17/24 : Sodomized by my lover: Creampie in my ass - 105 Pics

Torrid encounter with my lover who fucks my ass in front of the cuckold cumming hard in it to finish.
I was still dripping cum when we were at the restaurant, lol
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05/11/2024 : Naughty Story in Barcelona (013) Flashing - Interracial Sex


Here's a new story of Flashing and Interracial Sex
This day I headed for Barcelona to spend a few days off having fun with different guys.
In the car, I was showing off for the truckers, then getting naked afterwards for very long minutes.
That evening at the hotel, I had an appointment with a Cuban I'd never seen before, who'd come specially to see me, 1h30 from his home.
And what a surprise, the guy was superbly endowed and very playful to boot.
I cum a lot and had a wonderful time at the end of the evening
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05/07/2024 : Getting fucked by my lover: Creampie and Eating Cum


Here for today is a cuckolding video made with my lover and the Cuckold.
Having a super headache, I had doubts if I was going to be able to make love with my lover and cum afterwards.
But feeling his big, hard cock soon made me forget my migraine, and I was even able to cum before he did it in turn and filled my pussy with his sperm.
I then forced the cuckold to come closer and lick my pussy soiled with my lover's cum.
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05/03/24 : Fucked and sodomized by my lover in a naturist sauna - 181 Pics

After sleeping together, the next day we went to relax in the hotel's naturist spa.
Seeing my lover's semi-hard cock, I couldn't resist for very long before caressing it and taking it in my mouth.
As we were alone at the time, we ended up in the sauna where he only fucked my ass before cumming deep inside him.
It was extremely hot.
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04/30/2024 : Naughty Story in Cap d'Agde (012) Flashing - Interracial Sex (Anal)


Here's a new story about flashing and interracial (Anal) sex.
This day I had 2 new appointments.
To start my day, I went to a restaurant to take some erotic photos, then as soon as I got back around 5pm, 2 new BBCs were waiting for me.
My ass was partying and I cum again really well.
We then went to dinner, and around midnight I had a date with a friend who was also very well endowed.
Of course, he also wanted to fuck my asshole and what a joy to cum hard with his big cock in my ass, I loved it.
It was another excellent day.
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04/28/24 : Getting fucked by my lover as we leave the restaurant: Creampie- 105 Pics

Leaving the restaurant, we didn't wait to get to the bedroom before I sucked him off in the stairwell, then he fucked me in the corridor.
Long minutes later, after I'd cum, he filled my married pussy with his sperm.
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04/25/2024 : Fucked by a dominant and very virile masseur friend


That evening, a virile, dominant friend of mine suggested I come over and relax with a massage.
I admit I didn't really believe it at first, but what a surprise, the best massage of my life.
And as soon as I felt his thick cock filling me up on the massage table, I knew it wasn't going to be long before I cum, he'd excited me for so long. Great
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04/17/2024 : Getting fucked outdoors by my lover: Creampie


How I love being fucked by my lover in the trunk of the car...
Anyone can see us too.
His cock fills my married pussy so well and he knows perfectly well how to make me cum.
I'm his, his slut, his whore.
And feeling his cum invade my pussy is the climax of our relationship.
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04/09/2024 : Fucked in all my holes by a BBC on the beach + Bukkake 20 cumshots


Hot beach day!
To begin with, I invite a black friend to come and fuck all my holes on the beach in front of a good twenty guys who are checking us out.
After he had made me cum, and fucked all my holes, he in turn cum in my mouth.
Afterwards, although some of the voyeurs have already cum, I invite all the others to come and empty themselves on my cheating wife's body.
A total of 20 guys covered me with cum.
It was a perfect day.
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04/05/2024 : Naughty Story in Cap d'Agde (011) Flashing - Interracial Sex (Anal)


Here's a new story of Exhibition and Interracial (Anal) Sex.
This day I had an appointment with 2 beautiful black babies.
Both very well endowed.
The first one fucked my ass superbly well in front of the Cuckold whom I humiliated at the same time, then finished in my mouth.
3 hours later, a black friend came to fuck me before sleeping in the apartment.
It was a great day, lol
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03/23/2024 : Screwed by a dominant BBC in Cap d'Agde


Here's a new interracial video made with a dominant boxer in Cap d'Agde.
2nd meeting with this guy.
As dominant as ever, he once again fucked me while being totally submissive to his desires.
I love the way he dominates me.
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03/07/2024 : Fucked and sodomized outdoors by a BBC


Here's a new interracial video made outdoors with a friend I haven't seen in many months.
Being well endowed, I love feeling it in my ass and even more so humiliating the Cuckold filming us.
After he made me moan loudly in the car, I took it in my mouth again and then felt long spurts enter my mouth.
Then I took the Cuckold's mouth, who also filled my mouth with his cum..

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03/01/24 : Sex with my Black regular lover in front of my Cuckold.- 140 Pics

In Paris and practically in front of the Eiffel Tower, my lover fucks me in front of my husband who sees me cum repeatedly, more than 3 times in total, I was in heaven ♥
This time he cum profusely on my married woman pussy....
It was mega exciting...
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