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02/28/2024 : Alone with my Lover in Paris: Day 1. (Flashing and Sex)


Here's a new porn video made during my Sexchallenge 2023.
First video of a weekend spent alone at my Lover's house.
I arrived the day before and woke up the next morning in my lover's arms, while my husband was 800 km away, lol.
After breakfast, it was off to La Vallée Village for some shopping.
On the way back, I was already very horny, my cyprin had run down my dress and I had a strong desire to have fun with my lover's big cock.
After going to our favorite restaurant, by 2 a.m. we were back at his apartment.
So he could finally take care of my married pussy, which had been longing for hours to feel his big cock and receive all his hot cum.
Around 3.30 a.m. I sent a photo to my husband showing him my pussy filled with my lover's cum, lol.
He loved being woken up like that.
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02/22/24 : Getting my tight asshole fucked by a BBC outdoors- 81 Pics

While my Cuckold was driving, I was sucking my lover who was fingering me in the back of the car.
15 mn later, he fucked me then sodomized me during long minutes in the trunk of the car.
I loved to cum many times while feeling his hard cock in my ass...
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02/16/2024 : Fucked and sodomized by a BBC in front of the Cuckold


Here's a new interracial and Cuckolding video made with a handsome Black guy who came to spend 3 days in Cap d'Agde.
After dinner for the three of us outside, back at the apartment, my lover and I were enjoying ourselves in front of the Cuckold.
But this time, he was rather dominant, asking the Cuckold to come and lick my pussy while he fucked me, then sodomized me.
I have to admit it was a real turn-on, humiliating my husband while my lover's cock went into all my holes.
Then to finish off, he gave me a memorable cum shower, I had cum everywhere, lol
The next day he came back to see me .....
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02/08/2024 : Delightful Trio with a handsome American and a friend


Here's a hot video made a few weeks ago in Cap d'Agde.
I'd spent 3 hours alone fucking an American who'd come on to me below my terrace, video to come...
In the evening, after the Cuckold and a friend had joined us at the restaurant, we went back to the apartment to have some fun.
They made me cum 6 times, a record I think.
Anal - Dp and Cum in mouth, I spent a crazy day and evening.
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01/31/2024 : Fucked and sodomized by a BBC "Cuckolding"


Here's a new porn video made during my Sexchallenge 2023.
Second meeting with this guy, favorite of the season.
This guy is extra, funny, gallant, very well endowed and knows perfectly well how to fuck the ass of a Slut like me.
And I really enjoyed being fucked in all my holes in front of the Cuckold and his little cock.
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01/21/24 : Fucking outside with my lover cumming on my married pussy- 106 Pics

This time outside, I'm fucked by my lover who makes me cum 4 times, and hard, before cumming on my married pussy.
I love sex in nature, it's so exciting...
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01/15/2024 : Compilation 003: Facial - Mouth - Swallowing Sperm


Here for today is another HOT cumshot compilation from various Interracial videos: 003
In which I receive beautiful facials, on my tits, in my Bitch mouth and swallowing cum from another man that my husband...
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01/11/2024 : Fucked and sodomized by a well-endowed friend


Here's a new PORN video made with a very well-endowed black friend who came to visit me and enjoy all my holes in front of my husband at the same time.
I have to admit I love his cock, it totally fills my holes and makes me feel really sexually fulfilled.
I take great pleasure in humiliating my husband while having my lover's big cock in my ass.
Something he's no longer allowed to do.
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01/07/2024 : Fucked and sodomized by 3 voyeurs and Bukkake: 23 cumshots


For today, here's Bukkake's fourth video from Cap d'Agde.
10 mn after I had fucked all my holes on the beach, 3 guys took turns to fuck me, and 2 of them wanted to fuck me, hummm
I loved being sodomized in front of dozens of guys masturbating.
After they had thoroughly enjoyed my holes, I subsequently received 23 cumshots on my married body.
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01/05/24 : Sodomized by a friend of my main Lover- 149 Pics

While my lover was away on a business trip, he asked one of his friends to take care of me :-)
And what a surprise!
Handsome guy, well endowed and very good fucker.
He made me cum many times before sodomizing me extremely well...
It was a very nice date... Thank you my Lover!
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