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11/04/23 : Fucked and sodomized bareback by my black lover - Creampie- 196 Pics

Once again, my lover on leaving work, joins me in our apartment to enjoy my body, which is 100% reserved for him. Since he became my regular lover, my married body no longer belongs to my husband, too bad for him, lol
That evening he fucked all my holes again, making me cum several times, before emptying himself completely in my unfaithful pussy.
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10/31/2023 : Compilation 001: Facial - Mouth - Swallowing Sperm - Creampie


Here for today is another HOT cum compilation from various Interracial videos:
In which I get beautiful facials, in my Slutty mouth, while swallowing cum and the very first time another man cummed in my married woman pussy....
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10/29/2023 : Fucked and sodomized by a well-endowed black friend


Here's a new Porno video for today: 018
made during my Sexchallenge at the beginning of the year.
A friend joins me during the day in Cap d'Agde to take all my holes and make me cum in front of the Cuckold masturbating his fine cock. I love it when he fucks me, so I can really feel my holes filled and this sensation is priceless.
Can't wait for the next time
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10/27/23 : Fucked Bareback by my black lover - Creampie- 103 Pics

After spending the day at La Vallée Village with my lover and the Cuckold, in the evening back at the apartment, he fucked me once more.
I cum again very hard while the Cuckold had his fine cock hard, lol
Then I felt his semen invade my married pussy, causing me to become very excited.
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10/19/23 : Fucked Bareback by my main lover - Creampie 157 Pics

I met up with my lover in Paris.
I was once again all wet waiting for him and it was magical.
He made me cum over and over again, he's the only one who does it so well.
Then he cum in my married pussy in front of my Cuckold husband, I love humiliating him more and more.
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10/13/2023 : Fucked and sodomized by a very dominant guy

Description: Here's a new Porno video for today: 017
made during my Sexchallenge at the beginning of the year.
A tall, well-endowed boxer comes to visit me in Cap d'Agde. I didn't expect him to be so dominant, though, and I must admit he hurt me more than once.
But he also made me cum twice extremely hard. It's very rare that I cum so hard from my ass without masturbating my clitoris, I loved it.
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10/05/23 : Fucked bareback by my BBC in Paris- 103 Pics

That evening, after an excellent and tiring day, I was being fucked once again by my lover in front of the Cuckold.
I must admit I love feeling his big cock inside me, and the desire to cum comes very quickly.
After he had made me cum again and again, I felt his cum invade my pussy once more.
What a divine feeling to be married.
Being a good wife, I even let my husband fuck me a little, cumming on my belly....
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09/29/2023 : Cuckolding my husband with a handsome black man

Description: Here is a new video Porno: 015
made over the last few days.
Once again, being a good bitch and to cuckold my husband, I went looking for a very virile male to fuck me.
I found a very hot, well-endowed black man who could do anything he wanted to me. It all started with a flirtation, a drink and I quickly took him to my apartment, which the cuckold had left prepared to leave me alone with my new lover.
It was a wonderful fuck, hard to forget with everything I was entitled to: pussy, ass and a delicious cum bath. Three wonderful hours during which I even forgot about the cuckold who was waiting for me outside for dinner, lol.
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09/21/2023 : Gangbang with various strangers in a hotel room

Description: Here for today a new Porn video made with different guys found on a swingers site.
This was one of my first gangbangs with my girlfriend.
Each of us in a bed, the guys took turns fucking us.
I was sodomized by 5 guys, then taken in DP before receiving beautiful showers of sperm, it was great...
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09/19/23 : Getting fucked in all my holes in Paris (Creampie)- 68 Pics

Fourth evening spent in Paris, after changing hotels once again, my lover fucked and sodomized me once more in front of my Cuckold husband. My married pussy was once again filled with his sperm... And this time I didn't let the Cuckold cum... ..
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